About Us

About Sam Property Services

Sam Property Services Ltd is a local family company, established in March 2007. The company's remit was to provide good quality office accommodation and services to local small and medium sized companies. Understanding the modern needs connected with running a business, the offices were renovated and refurbished, the installation of high speed fibre optic technology and satellite communications ensure even the most demanding of companies can be sure of finding all their technology needs are met.

Sam Property policy of helping new business grow can be clearly seen in our rental policies, while new business are asked to sign a 6 month lease, all companies moving from a home address into their first commercial address can take a monthly opt out option and simple terminate their agreement with just one months notice. Sam Property understands the difficulties connected with the starting up of a new company and our staff and facilities are there to make your new business launch easier and more likely to succeed.

How easy is moving to Compass House?
Well it is possible for a new tenant to sign his/her rental agreement at 9am, move their laptop in to their new fully equiped office at 9:01 and be in business, telephoning and emailing their clients from their new business address before Mircosoft Windows has opened on their laptop.

Why use SAM Property Services?
We are a small family owned and family run business, we pride ourselves on the level of service and care we offer each and every one of the companies currently using our facilities. We are always improving and increasing the facilites within the buildings we manage and because we own the properties ourselves we look after them.

Our customers are our business future and they are the ones we strive to make happy. Thank you for supporting the small businesses!

Office rental from £48 per/week - Call 01482 488 699 or click for a quote